Issue 2 – Worried

Charlie’s recent visit to the hospital had Hazel worried. Although she was grateful that there was no permanent damage and that he appeared to be recovering well, she had trouble suppressing her concern. She quietly opened the door to the house, careful not to disturb Charlie who was sleeping upstairs. Hazel set the grocery bags on the kitchen counter, relieved to give her tired arms some reprieve.

She had been out all day running errands, errands Charlie normally took care of. As she unpacked the bags, she second guessed the cheese she had purchased. Was it Swiss or mozzarella that Charlie wanted? Could Charlie even eat cheese now after his attack? She shook her head and continued placing the items in their designated spots, growing more and more frustrated with the stress of it all.

What would she do if she lost Charlie? John and James both lived on opposite ends of the country now, and Catherine was so busy with work and doing everything for the kids now that her husband, Jared worked up north. She stared out the window at the garden. The sight broke her heart. Her gorgeous perennials, many of which had won her recognition from Communities in Bloom, were being choked out by the overgrown weeds. The lawn desperately needed mowing. Maybe she should get one of the neighbourhood boys over to spruce things up? She shook her head again. Teenage boys nowadays spent more time playing video games and texting on phones than picking up odd jobs. Parents these days were raising their kids differently. When she was younger, she had worked multiple jobs and instilled that work ethic in her own children…unfortunately, she thought. She sighed to herself at the sad irony. It was that very work ethic that had her kids too busy for her and Charlie.

She sat down on the couch and held her head in her hands. Should she call Catherine? Maybe she should just get out and go for a walk? That always made her feel better.

What do you think Hazel should do?


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