Issue 5 – A Dinner Invitation

Charlie knew better than to push the issue of moving any further with Hazel. It had been a rough night. Hazel had barely slept a wink, having been agitated over the whole discussion prior to bed. Still, they needed a solution. Living like this wasn’t helping anyone, and at this rate, they’d both be in the hospital with blood pressure and heart issues if they didn’t get the situation under control.

It was hard having the boys out of province, and even harder reaching out to Catherine for help. Money certainly wasn’t growing on trees, and even though the house was paid off years ago, expenses were still high and Charlie was simply too proud to pay anyone to “help out.”

He was so deep in thought that he barely heard the phone ring. Even though it was right by the bed, Charlie caught it just before it went to voicemail answering with an exasperated “Hello.” “Hello there stranger, how are you holding up?” Lloyd’s cheerful voice was a welcome surprise this morning. “Hey there! I’m not too shabby…would feel a lot better if I wasn’t stuck in this bed.” Charlie perked up a little, he missed his friend. “Well, you’re likely stuck there against your will…Hazel runs a tight ship!” They both shared a chuckle, though Charlie hoped Hazel couldn’t hear. “Look, Marilyn and I would like to drop by this evening. She made way too much lasagna last night, and has extra. Surely you could both use a nice meal, and you need a good excuse to leave that bed. What do you think?”

Charlie really wanted to get out of bed. In fact, he wanted to get out of the house. “You know what Lloyd, maybe we should come to you.” There, he had said it. “Well, if you think you’re up to it Charlie…what does Hazel think?” Hazel was downstairs. Charlie knew he should call her up and ask, but at the same time, he knew if he told her that he made dinner plans, she would feel obligated to go. He knew he’d be in trouble, but he’d deal with that later. “I think she needs to get out of the house too. Would 6 work?” Lloyd happily agreed,“6:00 it is my friend. But don’t push yourself. You call us if you’d rather us come that way.”

As soon as Charlie hung up the phone, he heard Hazel come up the stairs. “Who was that? Was that the phone company again? I paid that bill, I know I did.” She stood in the doorway looking tired and winded. Charlie wondered how long she had been up. He hadn’t even noticed the time. “It was Lloyd, we were invited over for dinner…for 6 o’clock.” Hazel rolled her eyes, “Does he not understand you’re sick? You can’t go anywhere right now.” Uh-oh, Charlie thought. “Hazel, I’ve been stuck in bed for over a week now. I feel fine. In fact, the doctors have told me that I should be getting up and walking about. Getting out for a nice meal will do us BOTH some good!” Hazel sighed.

Should Hazel agree to go out for dinner? They are long overdue for some socializing.  Or, should Hazel encourage Charlie to take it easy?


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