Issue 6 – Lloyd and Marilyn’s

Hazel had been doing a bit of research on how best to support Charlie through his whole ordeal. The articles she had been reading strongly suggested keeping as active as possible to promote healthy aging and recovery. Charlie was right, even his doctors suggested that he return to his usual activities as soon as he felt up to it. Still, she couldn’t rid herself of the nagging feeling that Charlie’s TIA was merely a warning and a larger stroke was on the horizon.

“…and it would be nice for you not to have to cook.” Hazel caught the tail end of Charlie’s ranting. She had let her thoughts wander, as she often did of late. “Well, I suppose we could give it a try…but you can’t overdo it!” She felt a bit of proverbial weight lift from her shoulders. She had intended to do a pot roast this evening, but it was already late in the day and she hadn’t even taken it out of the freezer to thaw. “We’ll go for two hours. We’ll be in the car by eight. I promise!” Hazel knew Charlie sincerely meant it, but eight was a tad late. “Let’s call them back and aim from 5 until 7.”

Charlie was like a kid at Christmas as they made their way into the lobby. He was walking a bit slower than usual, on account of being a bit stiff from sitting in bed for so long, but his spirit was leaping. Hazel smiled as she recognized how much Charlie was enjoying being out and about.

Lloyd and Marilyn were right at the elevators to greet them. “We are so glad you made it,” Marilyn said before leaning in for her trademark hug and kiss on each of their cheeks. A group of kids made their way past the elevators towards the door to the daycare to collect their belongings before preparing for pickup. They giggled and waved at Lloyd and Marilyn as they paraded by. “How is it having a daycare right here?” Hazel asked. She instantly thought of her great grandkids that she hadn’t even met yet. It was so hard having family living so far away. They were grateful John got them set up on Skype so they could at least talk with everyone. “It gets a bit loud down here some days,” Marilyn laughed, “but they put on these little performances in the theatre down the hall once a month and the teachers even have them outside gardening with us. They are growing their own bean plants.”

The elevator doors opened, and they made their way inside. Hazel couldn’t help but notice how modern and clean everything was. It was all so…classy. “This place is so nice. It must be costing you two a fortune!” Hazel was a little embarrassed by her own lack of composure. She didn’t mean to just blurt out like that. Marilyn reassured her by laying her hand on her shoulder, “It’s actually not as expensive as you’d think…I mean, with everything that’s provided here.” The elevator doors opened, and the four of them made their way to the suite.

Hazel had questions, but didn’t want to be nosey. At the same time, she was worried that if they started discussing how it all worked, Charlie would get excited and the whole conversation about selling the house would start again. She was NOT selling the house. Still, she couldn’t quell her curiosity.

What do you think Hazel should do?


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