Issue 10 – Do You Have Plans for Seniors’ Week?

Hazel scrolled through the information on the Alberta Seniors & Housing Ministry’s website. “Hmm…what’s this?,” she asked out loud to nobody in particular. Her cursor was hovering over information about Alberta Seniors Week. “Did you know about this thing called Seniors Week? Apparently it happens every year…first time I’m hearing about it.” She didn’t receive a response and looked over to the couch where Charlie had obviously decided to take a short nap with Cleo. Maybe there was information they could get about housing in the area. She did a quick search in the events calendar for information sessions held in Stony Plain. She didn’t want to travel too far this week…her garden was calling to her and the weather was supposed to be beautiful.

Her search brought up one result – a Block Party on Thursday at the Stony Plain, Alberta Town Office. Best of all, they were providing a free dinner to the first 200 residents. Well that sounded like fun, she thought. Perhaps the council members and organizers might have some good information for her and Charlie. And free food was always a good idea!

That got her thinking though…what other activities might be happening this week in other communities? She did a few more searches and came across a Health and Wellness Fair at the North Edmonton Seniors Association. It looked as though a few housing and homecare organizations were going to be in attendance. She quickly wrote down the details, and walked the note over to the fridge so she wouldn’t forget. The event was a little out of their way, but it looked as though it was their best bet for getting the information they needed.

What are your plans for #seniorsweek? If you’re a senior or family member, we’d love to hear what you hope to attend this week in your community – check out to find a full list of events in your area. If you’re an organization hosting an event (especially housing providers), let our #CharlieandHazel followers know.

Feel free to post all your great ideas, events and plans below!


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