Issue 14 – A Difference in Opinion

“Well, Catherine doesn’t think we need to move.”

The exasperation he heard in his mother’s voice, frustration no doubt from all the mixed advice she had been receiving over the past month, made John feel awful for her…and a little angry. How dare his sister dismiss everything Mom and Dad had been working on…for their own betterment! It had taken years to get Mom to even consider selling the house, and the last time he had spoken with his mom, she was…dare he say…excited about the prospect of moving. This was such a huge step backwards.

“What do you and Dad want to do?,” John asked gently. This wasn’t about them anymore. This wasn’t about the amount of work it would take to go through all the stuff they had hoarded over the years, or hiring contractors to get the house in selling condition, or booking tours of different places…it was about doing the right thing for his parents. Would it be a pain? Absolutely! But he and James and Catherine were just going to have to grin and bear it. He knew that Catherine was worried about having to take it all on by herself, being that she was the only one still out there in Alberta, but that would not be the case. He couldn’t help but wonder if her telling Mom and Dad to stay put had anything to do with her inheriting the house at some point. It was an awful thought, but Catherine had made a few comments over the recent years about her plans for the property, as if her taking it over at some point was a given.

“In all honesty John, I just don’t know anymore.” Hazel sighed deeply. “Your Dad seems to be doing much better. It’s not like we’re in any rush.” John tried to summarize what he had heard over the past month and a half. “Look, you were telling me all about Lloyd and Marilyn’s place and how nice it was…and then about their no pet policy…and about meeting that nice couple at that dinner you went to. You even got Dad on the computer looking up places that will take Cleo!” The two of them had a good giggle over that. “That doesn’t sound like you’re undecided to me Mom. It sounds more like something that, deep down, you know is the right thing to do.”

“But Catherine…”
“No…there’s no but Catherine!” John practically shouted. “This isn’t up to her Mom. And quite frankly, I think her advice is nonsense. Getting people in to help out is gonna cost a fortune, and I would rather you two use your hard earned savings on enjoying your later years than shelling out money for every little tiny thing you need help with. You should be able to enjoy life!

Family members don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to making the best choices for their loved ones. Making these types of decisions can be very emotional and are often very tough on siblings. What experiences have you seen or had? Do you have any advice for our characters? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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