Issue 26 – Summer’s End

Summer was drawing to a close. The sun was starting to set in the late afternoon, and Hazel took the opportunity to soak in the last few moments of warm light by treating herself to a cup of tea on her favourite bench outside in her garden. She was grateful Charlie had chosen to come out with her tonight. His arm rested gently behind her on the back of the bench, and they listened to the wind rustling the leaves, which had already started turning.

She glanced over to the for sale sign which sat on the front of the property. It was a big step for them. Despite all the differing advice they had received from the kids, they had finally settled on listing the house and seeing if it would generate any interest. They didn’t have to fix up everything just yet. Perhaps the buyers would be fine taking on a few “projects.” They would cross those bridges as they came.

Charlie looked up into the sky. “It’s our last summer here. I never thought the day would come Hazel.” They both nestled into one another at the thought. So many memories, but at the same time, so much to hopefully look forward to. “I think we’ve made the right decision to list. This will light a fire under our keister and show the kids we are serious about moving.”

The past week had been stressful. Catherine was not very happy with them. “You would have us living in a hospital if you had your way,” Charlie had shouted at her last visit. They had done further research since visiting the doctor and found that housing with a few supports was likely their best fit, but Catherine was really not convinced and was fighting it tooth and nail. James had been fairly supportive, his main concern was only that they make a list of things that are important to them and not settle for anything less.

Hazel had spent the rest of the week on the internet and on the phone, collecting information from a few places they were interested in. There was a beautiful building opening up in the south part of Edmonton they were really interested in. It was close to shopping and right on the bus route, with a medical clinic next door. She also liked that the hospital was close by. Living outside of Stony Plain for decades had been wonderful, but moving somewhere that had major amenities nearby, some within a short walking distance, would cause a lot less worry.

As she sipped her tea, her head nestled against Charlie’s chest, she looked at her garden and smiled. They had had a beautiful life here…one many would be envious of. And now it was time for a new family to come in and make the property theirs. She closed her eyes briefly to take in the thought. It was the first time all week that she felt completely at peace.

We cannot stress enough the peace one gets when they get to have choice and make decisions for themselves. Though family members can be well intended, children may also try to make decisions for their parents based on their busy lives and wishes, and don’t always consider what their parents want… sometimes because it might seem like more work for them, or have some elements of risk. Maintaining dignity and independence ensures a much better quality of life. What do you think of Charlie and Hazel’s decision?


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