Issue 33 – Sharing Stories of Remembrance

In honour of Remembrance Day, our Charlie & Hazel story will be taking a quiet pause today.
Housing providers observe today with their residents by participating in various ceremonies across the province and within their own communities. In fact, our members have told us that celebrating this day is extremely important to the residents they serve. A story of remembrance was published in last week’s issue and we know there are very similar stories being shared today. We hope that you will take a moment today to connect with those who wish to share their own personal stories and experiences. Oral history is part of our cultural fabric, weaving together information over generations so that Canadians can better understand, have real conversations where questions can be asked, and connect in a very digital age. Intergenerational programming is so important on a day like today. We would love to hear what you learn from your conversations of remembrance today. Who did you connect with and what did their story mean to you?


Once again, ASCHA would like to take this opportunity to thank our veterans for their service and the sacrifices they have made to ensure Albertans can enjoy a high quality of life with choice and purpose.


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