Issue 35 – Not According To Plan

“The he truck is here mom!,” Catherine called from the front foyer. Hazel looked around the living room once more. She was certain that not everything was packed up, even though she could clearly see the tables and shelves were now bare and her cabinets were empty.

“Just one moment Catherine, I need to do another walk-through.” Hazel could hear Catherine sigh, even though she was at the opposite end of the house. They had decided to keep just the bare essentials in the house until moving day. The rest was going into storage. Most of the boxes had been labelled to identify which items would be kept and brought to the new place, the rest would eventually be sold, donated or remain in storage.

“Mom, the guys here are starting to move some of these boxes in the kitchen, but there are two that haven’t been marked yet and I’m not sure where you want them to go.” Hazel was feeling panicked. She didn’t like being rushed, especially when she needed her full wherewithal to make important decisions. “I said just one moment Catherine! I’m paying them and they can wait!”

Hazel wasn’t sure where Charlie was. He had said he was heading out to the woodshed with Jared to go through his tools. She wished she could open the window and just yell out to him, but the mechanism was sticky and she hadn’t been able to work it properly for years.

“Mom, where is the leaf for the kitchen table? I put it right here by the hutch but you must have moved it and now I can’t find it,” Catherine called from the dining area. “I put it in the pantry to get it out of the way, it was going to fall on someone’s foot the way you had it just propped up willy nilly,” Hazel called out as best she could but her voice was weak from moving around so much. “What? Mom I can’t hear you.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake,” Hazel shuffled around the end table as she made her way towards Catherine, accidently knocking her Tiffany lamp over. In an uncoordinated frenzy to save her lamp, she lost her footing and came crashing down on the floor, hitting her head against the top of the table.

Catherine, hearing the crash came running from the kitchen, to find her mother unconscious on the floor. “Oh my god! Someone call 911!” she shouted out to the moving men. She placed her hand on her mother’s head, which was already starting to bruise, and felt a felt a hard lump in her own throat.

Life never happens according to plan. There are new challenges and obstacles to overcome…and navigating them can be very difficult.

What do you suspect will be some of the challenges facing our couple now? We are interested to hear your reactions and encourage you to share in the comments.


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