Issue 37 – What’s Next?

“Do you remember what happened mom?,” John asked, taking his mom’s hand as he sat beside her. “I was rushing around the house trying to get everything together for the movers,” Hazel sighed, “and I fell.” Hazel went to readjust herself but winced in pain. “Stop trying to move around mom, let us help you.” John and Catherine gently moved Hazel’s pillow to a more comfortable position. “I’m really sore,” Hazel said with pain in her voice. “That would make sense mom,” Catherine said as she moved the sheets up around her mother. “You have two broken ribs and quite a few bruises from the fall.” Hazel became lost in thought for a moment as she fought to remember. “Yes, I believe the doctor did mention something about that.”

Meanwhile, Charlie was out in the lobby meeting Lloyd and Marilyn who had just arrived. “How is she doing?,” Marilyn asked with a worried face. “Better than we were fearing,” Charlie smiled with reassurance. “She hit her head pretty bad and broke two ribs, but she is stable and coherent. She’s upstairs with John and Catherine right now.” Lloyd and Marilyn made their way with Charlie to the elevators. “It must have been so scary, Charlie,” Lloyd said as he shook his head and then asked, “So what’s next?” “What do you mean?,” Charlie asked quizzically. “Well, how long will her hospital stay be…and where does she go after this?,” Marilyn probed. Charlie huffed, “She’ll be here for a few days, and then I’ll take her home I guess.”

Back in the hospital room, John was pouring his mom some more water and Catherine was once again on the phone to James. He was just about to board the plane. “The doctor said that you will be here for a few days. They are working on a discharge plan for you,” John said as he made his way over to the bed with his mom’s cup. “Good, I don’t want to be here much longer. This bed is horribly uncomfortable,” Hazel grimaced again. “That’s likely more the pain than the bed mom,” John said through a humble smile. If Hazel could have laughed, she would have. “I suppose Charlie will need a bit of help with me now,” Hazel sighed. “Catherine and I have been looking into things mom,” John took his mom’s hand again. “Once we know what the discharge plan is, and what supports are going to be provided for you, we can fill in any gaps you might need at the new place.” Hazel got a panicked look on her face. “Right! The move! Oh no! What are we going to do? Nothing’s ready! And we just paid all that money…how will we afford extra homecare?,” Hazel was getting flustered. John wasn’t sure if she was going to try to get out of bed. “Mom…mom…calm down!” John’s voice was steady and gentle, and he soon saw his mom start to relax a bit. “We are working with the staff here and dad has been talking to the site manager at the new place. Everything will get organized for you. All you need to focus on is getting better.”

Hazel fixed her eyes on John, and then stated sternly but very sincerely, “You make sure they don’t break my things John. You make sure everything gets there safe.”

What do you think about the family’s plan to help Hazel? Their new place does offer some support options. Homecare can be arranged as well. What would you do in this situation if you were Charlie & Hazel…or if you were John or Catherine? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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