Issue 39 – Home For Christmas

“I’m glad they are in no rush now to move mom,” Catherine said as she took a seat in the hospital cafeteria at a table with her brothers. John nodded in agreement. “We’ve definitely bought some time to plan things a bit better now that they agreed to assess mom when she’s a bit more stable.”

“You know, I don’t even know why they would push to move mom when so many people right now are on holidays. I imagine it would be an absolute nightmare to coordinate,” James wondered aloud. The three of them sat in silence for a moment, thinking about that reality. John was the first to speak. “You know, James has a point you know.” “I do?,” James asked quizzically. “Yes, you do,” John answered. “The focus right now should be on people being at home with their families…whatever home looks like to them. You know what we should do?,” John asked. Catherine and James just sat staring at John knowing he was going to answer his own question. “We need to bring Christmas here to mom and dad.”

Catherine smiled, “I like that idea. The house is pretty empty right now with most things in storage. We could set up your family, John, upstairs…and James,” she paused for a second as she noticed the hesitation growing in James’ expression. “James, we can fly the rest of your clan out, and they can set up shop on the main level. Beth loves doing her big traditional-style breakfasts and will need early access to the kitchen to prep.” James sighed and then smiled, knowing there was no way he was going to talk his sister out of the excitement that was growing. “And I tell you what,” Catherine continued, “It’s the last Christmas we’ll have at the house so I’ll pack up a few things and tell Jared and the boys that we’ll be moving in for a few days to be with everyone.”

“But what about mom, Catherine? She can’t leave here,” James pointed out. “That’s true,” Catherine replied. “But we’ll all be here and we can visit, take shifts and even bring over a few decorations for her room and make it more…festive.” “You know, we could even ask the hospital if they have a room or something and we could bring over some of Beth’s turkey for her to enjoy,” John was getting excited too. “We could even eat our turkey dinner right here in the cafeteria if we had to,” James chuckled.

“Well, it’s settled then! We’re all here for Christmas!” James stealthily grabbed Catherine’s last fry and inhaled it as fast as he could.
ASCHA wishes very Happy Holidays to you and yours this week. We hope you take some time to be with your loved ones this holiday season, and hopefully bring the warmth of “home” to all those in need of it right now.

Charlie and Hazel will be returning in the new year on January 6 after a much needed relaxing break with their family.

From our homes to yours, wherever you make it – have a very Merry Christmas!


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