Issue 46 – Making Plans

It had been over a month since Charlie and Hazel moved into their new home, and they were settling in nicely. As the move occurred immediately after Hazel’s fall, there had been some confusion amongst family and friends over whether or not the decision to move was medically necessary. Both Charlie and Hazel had spent the better part of the month ensuring that people understood it was entirely their decision, and that their choice to move had been made prior to Hazel’s incident. The timing was simply an unfortunate coincidence.

Hazel was also feeling quite a bit better. Her mobility had improved and some of the supports that she needed upon move-in were now no longer required. Catherine had been a little apprehensive about ending the home care visits for her parents, but Charlie had ensured her that most of their needs could be met by the various on-site services, which were already paid for in their monthly fees.
Slowly, they had been forming relationships with other residents. Charlie enjoyed nightly games of pool with Thomas and Wilfred, and Hazel had befriended Millie, who lived across the hall. They shared a love of gardening and were already making plans for spring planting, and hoped to bring their ideas to the next Resident Council meeting. They weren’t sure if there was a budget for planters, but were pretty sure they could convince the staff that having several placed around the property would add a pop of colour to the place.

The only concern they had was that calls and visits from people had tapered off. Back at the house, they would have friends frequently “drop in” if they were “in the area.” It was something they hadn’t anticipated, and while their days were certainly filled with entertainment and the company of their new community members, they did miss their old friends.

“You know, I was thinking,” Charlie said aloud one evening while peeling potatoes over the sink as Hazel started on pots for the stew, “we should maybe get on the phone and invite some friends over.”

“I was thinking the same thing. It’s been too long. And if people aren’t going to initiate visits, maybe we just need to extend an invite…let them know that they are welcome and we are doing well,” Hazel said, tossing some carrots into the pot.
“We already know that people think we’re in some sort of nursing home, and perhaps they don’t know how to approach us now. We need to show them that things haven’t changed…just that our house is a little smaller,” Charlie laughed.

“It is the long weekend too…perhaps we can have Catherine’s family over for dinner on Monday,” Hazel suggested.

Charlie chuckled some more, “Makes sense. It is Family Day. We might as well spend it with family.”

They finished up with stew preparation and then proceeded to make a few calls. By the time supper was ready, they had confirmed guests for Saturday and Monday night. It was going to be a good weekend.

ASCHA wishes you and those most important to you a happy Family Day weekend. Perhaps there are people whom you haven’t visited in some time due to changes in circumstances or needs. These are the people that need your company the most.

We might be reluctant to visit with people if we assume our company could be a bother to them, or difficult to coordinate. Again, preconceived notions can cloud the way we see things.
We want to remind our readers to participate in our survey on seniors housing terminology and understandings – we are hoping for 1000 participants in this study, so please share it with your friends and family. Click on the link below to share your ideas and feedback with us!


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