Issue 2.17 – Home for A Rest

“Here you go dear.” Hazel handed Deanna the dark roast coffee. Deanna’s eyes were red and puffy, Hazel wondered how long Deanna had been here. The two of them sat in Millie’s corner of the hospital room munching on Hazel’s scones and sipping coffee. “Thank you Hazel. You’re right, these scones are delicious! I would love to get the recipe from you.” Hazel smiled. “Of course!” It was good to see Deanna finally in better spirits.

“Hello Deanna! How are you doing this morning?” Both women jumped in their seats. “Oh! Hi Kristen. I’m doing much better this morning. My mom’s friend from the Manor, Hazel, came to keep me some company.” Deanna gestured to Hazel. “Hazel, this is Kristen, the social worker here at the University hospital.” Kristen and Hazel shook hands. “It’s so great to see that Deanna has a friend here with her. Nice to meet you Hazel. Now Deanna, didn’t I tell you to go home earlier this morning? There’s nothing you can do for your mom right now. I know you’re worried but the best thing you can do for everyone is to rest.” Deanna sheepishly looked down at her feet.

“Deanna, if it’s okay with you, I think you should come stay at the Manor. You will have lots of support from all of us there and you’ll be closer to the hospital. Let me just call Debra at the Manor to make sure that’s okay.” Hazel stepped out into the hallway while Kristen and Deanna talked some more.

After hanging up with Debra at the Manor, Hazel rejoined the group. “Unfortunately, policy states that visitors cannot stay in a residents unit when they are not home. But you can stay in the guest suite and join us for dinner and other activities if you would like. The suite is not very big but it is comfortable. How does that sound?” Hazel looked between Deanna and Kristen. “That’s very sweet of you Hazel, but you have done so much for me already. I couldn’t possibly intrude on you and your husband more than I have already.” With some persuasion from both Hazel and Kristen, Deanna agreed to stay at the Manor.

Within the hour they had arrived and Charlie and Hazel got Deanna settled into the guest suite. “Thank you again for arranging for me to stay here.” Charlie and Hazel both smiled warmly. “Anything for Millie’s daughter.” Hazel replied. Charlie’s stomach growled at him. “Oh dear! I guess it’s about dinner time isn’t it? Why don’t you join us Deanna? You must be hungry.”

The dining room was filled with its normal bustling as residents made their way in. Charlie and Hazel sat at their normal table with Deanna waiting for their food. “Hello Hazel, it’s nice to see you are back from the hospital, and with Deanna no less! How nice to see you too. How is Millie doing?” Sandra, Millie’s other neighbour, looked between Hazel and a downcast Deanna. “It’s still not looking good but we are staying hopeful.” Hazel offered, resting a hand on Deanna’s shoulder. “Oh darling, I’m sure Millie will pull through. Regardless we’re here for you, alright? Anything you need… ” Deanna looked up and could see many residents looking on at their table with sympathy. “Thank you Sandra.” Deanna gave her best attempt at a smile.
Good relationships with the other residents, their family members and the staff is important and beneficial to have for everyone involved.

What are your thoughts on this week’s issue? Have you had similar experiences? We encourage you to share your stories with us!


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