Issue 2.23 – Millie

It was a sad day. Hazel had just got off the phone with Deanna. Deanna, choking back tears, informed them that Millie had passed away in the hospital during the night, finally succumbing to the complications from her stroke. There was nothing more anyone could have done.

Hazel sat quietly on the couch, her head nestled into Charlie’s chest as he gently stroked her arm. “I’m sorry,” he whispered softly. “I am too,” Hazel said softly. “She was a dear friend.” Hazel let out a reluctant giggle. “If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I would have gone down for half the activities I did. I certainly never would have taken the yoga class.” Charlie held Hazel a little bit closer. “I remember when you were just starting to feel a bit better after your fall. I would show you the activity calendar and you’d scoff at it, telling me it was all so ‘juvenile’ as you’d put it,” Charlie sighed. “But down the hall Millie would come, beaming that big hopeful smile of hers that you just could not bear to take from her by disappointing her.”

Hazel laughed through her tears. “Remember when she came by and made me do Easter eggs with her? I told her I just wanted to watch my movie and she nearly broke into tears.” Charlie nodded. “And now you have that beautiful pysanka egg up on the tv shelf…you always wanted to try Ukrainian egg painting.” Hazel breathed heavily. “Yep. You can miss out on so much when you make decisions based on silly assumptions. That’s what I loved most about Millie. She was never cynical. Never negative. Always optimistic. She always embraced each day as a clean slate with more things to learn and do. I learned so much from her…just by being around her.” Charlie got a little choked up too. “I agree. Millie was the very definition of joy.”

The couple sat very quietly together on the couch. They could hear the ticking from the wall clock and the faint giggling of children playing out in the courtyard. But despite these sounds, the room felt emptier and colder.

They were going to miss their friend.

The loss of a friend is never easy. People experience grief in different ways. Though Hazel had begun to participate in activities while Millie was in the hospital, it will be interesting to see how the story progresses now that she no longer has her best friend to share things with.

What are your thoughts on our story? Do you have any advice for Charlie and Hazel? We welcome your comments and thoughts.


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