Issue 2.24 – We Need YOUR Stories!

Dear Reader,

We hope you have been enjoying the Charlie & Hazel story. Each week, we release a new issue to raise awareness of real experiences, celebrations and challenges associated with seniors living. We hear from you in the comments section, by email and are even told directly how much some of the issues we tackle matter to you.

We really want to take an opportunity this week to reach out to our readership and invite you to inform the story. What issues do you want to hear about? Do you have a story or experience you’d like to share anonymously through our fictional characters? What happens next?

Social media is great for engagement and public discussion, but if you’d like to be more discreet, please feel free to submit your ideas to us by email at We will do our best to incorporate your suggestions and give Charlie and Hazel some new adventures that represent what our readers encounter in their own lives.

Thank you all for following us! We look forward to continuing Charlie and Hazel’s journey with you.


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