Issue 2.28 – Municipal Elections

“Can you hand me that card on the credenza, Charlie? It has the recipe for pumpkin soup in it that I’m bringing over to Catherine’s for Thanksgiving.” Charlie had just come in from downstairs and hadn’t even taken his shoes off yet, but Hazel was in a fluster trying to prepare for the weekend.

“Yes dear,” he sighed as he made his way over to the kitchen with the card. Hazel promptly took it out of his hand and started reading it over and checking her cupboards for all the ingredients. “Where were you? You know I could really use some help. I might even have to get you to run out for me as I don’t think I have any cardamom.” Charlie took a seat in the large armchair to the left of the kitchen island. “I was actually talking with one of the candidates in the city council elections. He came by to visit and talk to residents.” “Oh, did he have anything useful to say, or was it just the same old hullabaloo they all do to get their picture in the paper with the nice old lady from the local senior’s home?” Hazel scoffed. Charlie didn’t seem to react. “Oh, he was a nice chap. He even brought his dog. Gorgeous golden retriever. It even did tricks.”

Hazel put down her recipe card and put her hands on her hips. “You’re kidding me right now aren’t you?” Hazel asked sternly. Charlie picked up the newspaper and opened it up to the sports section. “Not at all. He seemed like a friendly enough fellow. He’ll get my vote.” Hazel scrunched up her face a little bit. “That’s nonsense Charlie. You probably don’t even know one thing on this man’s platform. You’re going to vote for him because you liked his dog!” Charlie set the open paper down in his lap. “A dog person is a good person Hazel. It says a lot about his character.” Hazel marched over and stood over Charlie, fuming. “This city has issues with transportation, affordable housing and mental health resources, and instead of looking at this man’s take on these issues, you’re going to give him your vote because somehow his dog is a testament to his character?” Charlie returned to reading his paper. “Yep! And I liked his name. I think I might have taught his father at some point.”

Hazel stared at her husband incredulously. She held her fists tightly at her side. “You know, you sound like a nincompoop right now! My mother was among the women who fought for the right to vote in this country, and you’re going to waste your ballot on some smiling gentleman with a good name and a pretty dog?” She tried to collect herself by taking a seat on the sofa. “I’m disappointed Charlie. I’ve been married to you for over six decades and I think better of you. You usually do a bit of research on a candidate to see if they have some experience…at the very least! Elections are important! You could be voting in a man that would send the city into ruin for all you know.”

“But he had a really nice shirt. I really liked his shirt. Nice green colour, like his eyes.” At that point a little smile crept onto Charlie’s face and he let out a snicker. “You brat!” Hazel exclaimed tossing a pillow at him. “You seriously had me going there for a moment!” Charlie burst out into laughter. “You should have seen your face! I thought you were going to explode.” Hazel shook her head and smiled. “I’ve never known you to just toss your vote at someone. You’re usually more opinionated than that. This was totally out of character for you.”

Charlie just grinned. “I did really like the dog though.”

Many municipalities across the province will be holding their elections on October 16. Do you know who your candidates are? Do you know their stances on the issues most important to you?

What are some of the key factors influencing your vote this year?


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