Issue 2.32 – Leisurely Solutions

It had been a rough few weeks at the Manor for both management and the residents, but with some effort and a bit of creativity, activities and classes were resuming thanks to various community volunteers and individuals stepping up to take on different roles. Natalia, who had led the pysanka workshop in the spring, approached Debra to teach some beginner painting classes. She had been an arts instructor at the university prior to her retirement, and was delighted to be able to use her skills to inspire her neighbours. Management even offered to cover all of her supply costs, which was a bonus, as Natalia had not been able to buy her own canvases and oils for some time. She was happy to have the resources now to paint at her own leisure.

After hearing that small groups of residents were taking part in private fitness classes, which were not affordable for many of the residents at the manor, Hazel had done some investigating and found a recreational directory published by the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council. The guide listed a variety of fitness programs close to the manor – everything from Zumba classes to swimming. So while the golf club ladies enjoyed lessons at the trendy downtown yoga studio, Hazel and a group of other residents were taking a short carpool ride over to Activity Centre for Wednesday afternoon yoga and Friday morning Tai Chi. There had even been talk about the manor acting as a community hub on Tuesdays for one of the seniors yoga classes, as there was competition at the Centre for programming space. Hazel thought this sounded like a great idea! Not only would residents have classes again in their own building, it would also allow other seniors to get to know people at the Manor and see what it had to offer…what a fun way to meet new people! The Manor certainly had the space to accommodate community programs.

Charlie was happy to see Hazel active again. The passing of her best friend had been difficult and she had lost the motivation to do many of the things she used to enjoy. The departure of the yoga instructor and art teacher at the Manor could not have come at a worse time. Seeing his wife passionate about helping other residents find affordable recreational options made his heart swell. Hazel wasn’t often the best at putting her needs first, but she certainly had a way of taking care of others. It was her purpose – the reason she got out of bed each morning ready for the day.

Having purpose was the key, Charlie thought to himself. It wasn’t enough to have activities to attend, they had to mean something.

What do you think of this week’s issue? Do you think the Manor and its residents have found appropriate solutions to their programming issues? What are your thoughts on Charlie’s revelation and the importance of having a purpose?

As always, we really like hearing our readers thoughts and appreciate the engagement we have on our posts. Share your comments with us below!


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