Issue 2. 37 – Sleepy

Weeks passed and the Manor’s outbreak status was finally lifted. Charlie was happy to be able to roam about again. Though he was grateful for his comfy armchair during the worst parts of his flu, he had not enjoyed sitting for so long each day. He was never one for watching a lot of television, and there were only so many crosswords a person could do in a day. He had busied himself making phone calls to friends, and was able to catch up with both James and John, who seemed harder and harder to get a hold of these days. Quarantined life was not for him.

Hazel had not been the best of company. She had done her best to nurse Charlie back to health, thanks to the soup and boxes of Kleenex Catherine had brought by. But it was exhausting. Even with her nursing background, she found herself lacking the patience to deal with Charlies’ grumbling over his sniffles and did not have the energy to be at his beckon call. She wasn’t feeling the best herself. Even though her fever had lifted, she was advised to say in their suite as much as possible as Charlie was still symptomatic. She also had a lingering cough that would not go away.

Hazel found being housebound with Charlie unbearable. Charlie slept most of the time in his armchair, so she was unable to watch much television for fear of waking him. So she had spent most of her days in bed, sleeping as well. For some reason, the more she slept, the weaker she felt. Even with infection protocols lifted, and she was feeling stir crazy, she couldn’t find the motivation to venture downstairs for too long. Getting the mail felt like a chore. She tried to do some laundry but could only manage a small load of socks before heading back upstairs for a nap.

“Are you heading down for dinner tonight dear?” Charlie asked with some concern. Hazel had been napping again and woke to his voice, rather groggy. “Huh, what was that?” Charlie repeated himself so she could hear. “I asked if you were going to be eating dinner in the dining room tonight.” Hazel let out a cough and looked over at the clock by her bed. “It’s four o’clock already? My, how the day has gotten away from me. I’m not really hungry right now.” Hazel moved slowly to sit up in the bed, and to see if she could get the coughing to stop.  “Well, maybe you’ll feel like eating in an hour or so,” Charlie said with a worried look. “Hazel, you haven’t been eating much since getting sick. I’ve seen you eat nothing but toast and yogurt. You need something more than that.” Hazel waved Charlie off. “Charlie, I’m just really tired. If you want to bring me up some soup and tea, that would be great. But I really don’t feel like going down tonight.”

Charlie grimaced. He was unsure of what to do. It wasn’t like Hazel to sleep all day. Even when she was recovering after her fall she had more gusto. Something was off. *****************************************************************************************   As people get older, recovering from illnesses can take a little bit longer. Symptoms can linger and cause further issues if they remain unchecked.

What do you think Charlie should do? Hazel doesn’t seem to want to leave the suite for very long. Do you have any ideas? Share your thoughts with us below.


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