Issue 2.45 – Not Easy

Charlie gently held Hazel’s hand while he read to her. He knew that she was sleeping, and not following along, but he was comforted in knowing that this small act let her know he was there. She could hear his voice at least, and when she would wake, she would smile faintly and her eyes would communicate her appreciation for him.

It had been weeks. Charlie and Catherine had submitted their long term care choices to the Transitions Coordinator. Charlie was not happy with the decision, knowing he would have to remain a short bus ride away at the Manor from his first choice, but there were presently no couples units available. Hazel wasn’t getting any better in hospital…worse if anything. She was developing sores on her legs and backside, and while Charlie continually brought it up with the nurses, he was assured that they were doing everything they could for Hazel considering how delicate her skin was. She was not eating much and the medications she was on were making her tired and weak.

“How’s mom doing?” Catherine asked, coming into the room and resting her back against the wall beside where Charlie was seated. “The same I suppose. She had a bit of the muffin I brought her earlier and a few sips of tea.” Charlie said as he placed the book he was reading aloud in his lap. “Has she said anything yet?” Catherine questioned, fidgeting with the tassels of her scarf. Charlie just shook his head. “Just gestures and sounds. She’s trying though. You can tell she wants to.” Charlie and Catherine were silent for some time, watching Hazel as she rested.

“How much longer do you think she’ll be here?” Charlie asked, interrupting the quietness of the room. “The Transitions Coordinator made it sound like it could be a while. The places we picked are popular choices. Mom is high priority and I was assured they would move her as soon as a spot comes up.” Catherine moved to the only other chair in the room and took a seat. “I know having her here is not ideal.”

Charlie grumbled a little. “It will be nice not having to take the bus across town every day to come here. I hate transferring downtown.” Catherine nodded. “I feel horrible complaining, but driving up this way hasn’t been pleasant either…and getting gouged for parking each time is a pain as well. They sure don’t make it easy on family members.”

“They don’t make it easy on patients either.” Charlie looked over at Hazel again. “Don’t worry honey. I’m gonna get you out of here.”

It looks like Hazel is in for a bit of a wait. Have you experienced something like this? What are your thoughts on this week’s issue?

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