Issue 2.11 – Senior’s Week at the Manor

It had been a busy Seniors Week at the Manor.

Hazel enjoyed leading the daycare children in a milestone activity in the garden. While she had enjoyed working on all the flower beds and planters with her fellow residents, she and the gardening group had also worked with the site manager and daycare director on a special “community” garden in the courtyard. The idea was to teach the children how to grow food. With all the rain they had been getting, the plants that were transplanted by the children in the spring were now ready to be picked. The little ones enjoyed seeing how their lettuce, strawberries and herbs had grown, and were excited to use them in their Seniors Week creations. Residents were invited to an afternoon tea to enjoy the children’s “recipes.” Hazel even received a card from the little ones thanking her and the gardening group for their efforts.

Charlie spent Thursday volunteering at the Seniors Week Fair at their local Seniors Centre. He and Hazel had received a great deal of information at a similar information expo a year ago, which led to their decision to move into seniors housing. He thought he would pay-it-forward by helping other seniors gather important decision-making materials at the Manor’s booth, and share his experience. His participation was a great success, mainly because Charlie had never been a wallflower. He chatted with over three dozen seniors who had stopped by the booth, and dozens more family members who were interested in having their questions and concerns addressed.
Back at the Manor, Charlie and Hazel were looking forward to an exciting weekend. There was a special planned with live jazz and blues entertainment and residents could invite two guests each. Hazel had extended her invitations to Catherine and Jared, as it had been a while since they had seen their daughter and son-in-law as Jared still worked primarily out of town. Charlie had dropped off his two tickets at Lloyd and Marilyn’s the week before when he stopped by for a few games of crib.

The local newspapers had been by a few times to take pictures of all the festivities, making everyone at the Manor feel like a bit of a celebrity!

We’ve been enjoying reading about all the activities taking place in residences and communities across the province as part of Alberta’s #seniorsweek celebrations. Please continue to share your stories and photos with us throughout the weekend!

We hope everyone has a great Seniors Week and we look forward to many more member celebrations throughout the year!