Issue 39 – Home For Christmas

“I’m glad they are in no rush now to move mom,” Catherine said as she took a seat in the hospital cafeteria at a table with her brothers. John nodded in agreement. “We’ve definitely bought some time to plan things a bit better now that they agreed to assess mom when she’s a bit more…

Issue 38 – Transitions

“How is everyone today?,” the Transitions Coordinator took out her notes smiled at everyone gathered in the room. “We’re all doing well,” James said on behalf of his father and siblings. James had arrived yesterday, and John felt better that both his siblings were here for this meeting. “As you know, I met with Hazel….

Issue 37 – What’s Next?

“Do you remember what happened mom?,” John asked, taking his mom’s hand as he sat beside her. “I was rushing around the house trying to get everything together for the movers,” Hazel sighed, “and I fell.” Hazel went to readjust herself but winced in pain. “Stop trying to move around mom, let us help you.”…

Issue 36 – Oopsie

“Can we go in and see her?” John had just arrived at the hospital after hopping the first flight he could out of Ottawa. He still had his coat on and was wheeling his suitcase behind him as he came into the waiting area. Catherine noticed his hair was tousled and his eyes were red….